4 steps of a UI/UX Process we go through to execute any project successfully

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Published: 25 Jul 2021

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4 steps of a UI/UX Process we go through to execute any project successfully Starting a design project can be tough, even though we sometimes have the idea in our heads for the whole project, applying that in real life can be challenging and frustrating if you don’t have a good process. Everything needs planning before executing, otherwise things will be all over the place.

Having a good UX process, can save you a lot of time, work and energy if you start step by step with clear understanding why you building such an application.

When I first started out, all I wanted to do is to come up with interesting and flashy designs, but I didn’t think of the process and I always ended up having designs that serve no purpose. Later I realize, that the last step of doing a UX project is your design. What's more important is the whole process and thoughts throughout the project. UX designer role is to come up with a solution for a problem and here are a few steps that you need to come up with for a successful project:
  • Understanding: In this process you really need to understand what your customers and users need and define where their problem and challenges really are, by understating that you can come up with a solution that solve their problem and that is the most important part of the whole process.
  • Analysing: here is where you take all the research and learning that you got from understanding your customers and users and try to make sense out of that information. This is very important step in the UX process because it defines where we really should focus our time and money in order to deliver the best impact for the customers.
  • Ideation: this is where you take all the information you gathered from step 1, 2 and you start coming with ideas based on the analysis you got. At this is stage we do not have to be super precise yet; all we need is some simple sketches, brainstorming for different ideas until we come up with something suitable for the project we are working on.
  • Validation: this is where you start coming up with multiple wireframes and prototype that serve the product you are working on; you don’t have to look for perfection in you design yet cause in this stage we are just testing how our product will work with people and how simple and easy they find it. And based on that, we can have good feedback that can help us finalize and come up with a successful product that can actually be helpful to our customers and clients.

It's really important to follow all the 4 steps we mentioned, by doing that you can guarantee to have a successful product that can serve your clients well and most importantly to have a well-structured UX process that you can rely on every time you are working on a project.

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4 steps of a UI/UX Process we go through to execute any project successfully