Web Development

We have many years of experience in web development, throughout which our goal has always been to provide digital solutions in its simplest and user friendly way. Our technology is always on a par with the latest trends and standards, whilst we provide our clients with continuous support.

A list of various development technologies that we have used for our projects: Laravel, Wordpress(Woocommerce), Node.js, Bootstrap, Various APIs(Google Maps, Facebook APIs) and many more.


Web Portfolio


A fully customized e-commerce store with backend management system for sales team


PHP, HTML, CSS, Laravel, Bootstrap, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, AWS, etc


Interactive property listing platform with custom built CMS


PHP, HTML, CSS, Laravel, Bootstrap, Google Analytics, etc


Knowledge Sharing Center for a co-working space


Wordpress, HTML, CSS


A platform for law firms to find & communicate with their customers with built-in video conference service


Laravel, Bootstrap, Vidyo, Google Analaytics, AWS, Mailchimp, etc


Message broadcasting platform built on NEM blockchain


NEM Blockchain, Laravel, HTML, CSS, etc


E-commerce platform for selling flowers and gifts


Opencart, PHP, HTML, CSS, Facebook Pixel, etc



Wordpress, Bootstrap, Google Analytics, etc


Advertising campaign management platform with location tracking


Laravel, Google Maps API, Google Roads API, Bootstrap, etc

Cloud Servers Solution

Using cloud servers, we can help you optimize IT performance without the huge costs associated with purchasing and managing fully dedicated infrastructure. Businesses with various demands and workloads find that cloud servers are an ideal fit. We are ready to deploy or migrate your existing business-critical applications to cloud.


Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is currently the most popular and widely used cloud service, that hosts more than 30% of total cloud servers usage around the world. The reason for such popularity being a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform provided by Amazon.

We host the following platforms on AWS: Ipmuda, ViralRider, Mypaku, etc


Lambda. Serverless Solution

Serverless cloud is the latest technology and one of the most innovative solutions introduced. Lambda(serverless solution by AWS) lets you run code without provisioning or managing any servers, while you only pay the compute time you consume.

Example: In traditional servers, the code for registration form is running 24 hours a day, so that users are able to register whenever they need. With AWS Lambda the code will be idle, and only run once the request for registration is sent. The benefit is that you only pay for the time the code is actually running, which helps to save a lot of cost.

Our platform that use Lambda Service: ecompile.io, fullon.com.my


Google Cloud

Google Cloud is another popular cloud solution provider and is AWS' top competitor. There are a lot of benefits as to why to our client choose google cloud over AWS, one of which could be just personal preference.

Projects that we are hosting and managing on Google Cloud: ezyspark.com


Business Process Digitazation & Automation

While it does look like everything is available on internet or via an app these days, there are a lot of processes, especially in corporate world that are still done manually and require unecessary time and resources. In partnership with multiple Enterprises we have build platforms that have automated tasks that were previously still done in old-fashioned way. See some examples of our solutions below.


Examples of our work

Risk Management Platform for Banks

We have worked closely with one of the top Banks in Malaysia to build a fully customized Risk Management Platform. Previously all the process was done on excel sheets, which made the process of checking, approving and keeping track of the entries hard to keep track of. Our cutomized solution helped all their employees to submit, approve, import and export their entries(even using batch uploads) via a custom platform, leaving our client very happy with the the final product.


Internal Law Firm Case Process Automation

Keeping track of cases of a large scale lawfirm can be a heavy duty task, especially if a law firm has many representatives handling tens of cases each, at any gien time. We partnered with a law firm in Kuala Lumpur, to build an online platform that enables to keep entries of all their cases, and get notified of progress and late cases.